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Kick Power: Cardio Training and Full Body Workout

Kick Power is a high-energy form of group fitness that combines elements of martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo and Kickboxing with fast and rhythmic music. In this ultimate, non-contact cardio training you don’t fight anyone but yourself. Kick Power is similar to Tae Bo and Bodycombat, however, it is not tied to a fixed scheme and therefore perfectly adaptable to the participants' needs. When exercising Kick Power, health and fitness are always our priority. A typical class begins with a short warm-up followed by a pre-stretching. In the main part, choreographies are practised slowly first and then repeated fast. Later we focus on strengthening the main muscle groups (in particular abdomen, legs and bottom). The class finishes with a specific stretching.

The main advantages of Kick Power are:

Burns an incredible amount of calories

Tightens the muscles (especially abs, legs and bottom)

Increases fat burning and endurance

Stimulates the cardiovascular and pulmonary system

Improves stability and coordination skills

Allows you to learn proper and joint-friendly fighting techniques (including combat and defense techniques)

Promotes group dynamics, rhythm skills and self-confidence